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Traventuria Ltd. (owner of is the largest day tours provider in Sofia and one of the biggest in Bulgaria. For the past 7 years we have been constantly improving our tours and enriching our product list to meet every need and every budget. Enjoy an ultimate discovery of Bulgaria's attractions, past and present, culture and way of life with our tours. All the main tourist sites are covered in our portfolio, but if you would like to discover some of the-off-beaten-path places, please contact us. We promise to do our best to organise it for you. 



Rila Monastery and Boyana Shuttle

Rila Monastery and Boyan Church Tour - This is a tour constantly rated as our bestseller. It is running every day and visits two of the most frequented UNESCO sites in Bulgaria. Your tour leader will introduce you to their history and nowadays status with a vivid and fun discourse. The more adventurous of you will follow him and go beyond the tourists facade and take a hike to the Stob Pyramids, taste local dishes and wine brands, visit the cave where St. John of Rila lived and do other activities (almost all of them free of charge), which will be offered additionally on spot. 

Price: 25 Euro per pax; instant confirmation 

Day sightseeing tour to Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv

Plovdiv and Koprivshtitsa Tour - A new one-day exhilarating itinerary that runs only during the weekends. The tour is intensive, great value for money and makes full use of your sightseeing time. We will explore the second biggest city of Bulgaria - Plovdiv, its standout highlights and vibrant center. We will continue through the rolling hills of Sredna Gora Mountain to observe the true rural Bulgaria and than walk the cobble streets of the Renaissance Town of Koprivshtitsa. In just one day learn about two of must-see sites in Bulgaria in a way that will captivate your eyes, ears and mind! 

Price: 45 Euro per pax; instant confirmation 


one day tour to Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery


Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery Tour - Take this expertly crafted tour that will lead you to one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe - Plovdiv, where with an easy we will peal layer after layer of its 7 000 years history. Intriguing ruins from antiquity, inspirational Roman structures, Ottoman buildings, churches and colorful 19th century Renaissance houses are all there. We will gradually soak up in the atmosphere of the most culturally and ethnically diverse city in Bulgaria. The tour is extended to the notorious Bachkovo Monastery - the second biggest monastery and one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria. 

Prices: from 43 euro per person; Instant confirmation


Walking tour of Sofia


Sofia City Private Tour - The tour is a must-do introduction of Bulgaria, which starts with the National History Museum (one of the biggest on the Balkans), continues to Boyana Church (UNESCO) and then fully explores the center of the Bulgarian capital. Find out in an intriguing way about the history of all major highlights packed in Sofia's center, make full use of the strategetic photo-taking spots, listen to interesting stories, smile and have fun. This is the day that you will fall in love with Sofia or ... with your guide :)

Prices: from 25 euro per person; instant confirmation


full day tour to Rila Monastery


Rila Monastery Tour - Rila Monastery is the most frequented UNESCO site in Bulgaria. With our guided tour you will have plenty of time to explore in detail the whole complex - the rich museum exposition with a special accent on the famous Rafael's cross, the numerous frescoes - work of notable 19th century painters, icons, architectural elements and the important religious and political role the monastery had from the 10th century till nowadays. The monastery and the nature park surrounding it are definitely one of the most beautiful European ensables. 

Prices: from 39 euro per person; instant confirmation;


combo tour to Melnik and Rila Monastery


Rila Monastery and Melnik Tour - This is a guided tour with a bit long itinerary that runs through the territory of south-west Bulgaria to grant you with plenty impressions to go home with. This tour is the original tour to Rila Monastery with an extension further south to the idyllic town of Melnik. The landscapes along the route are as varied as they are dramatic. We will walk among the famous Melnik Sand Pyramids, learn about the Bulgarian Revival Period and its architecture, hear about the local wine production process and enter special tunnel-like wine cellars. 


Prices: from 55 euro per person; instant confirmation;

tour to the Valley of Roses

Koprivshtitsa and the Valley of Roses - This tour transects through the whole length of the romatic Valley of Roses - hectares of rose, lavender and sunflower fields. We will visit a local rose refinery to learn from how the precious rose oil is distilled and about its uses in perfumery and pharmaceutical industry. The roses are on the most recognisable symbols of Bulgaria. A visit to the small Kazanluk Tomb (UNESCO, 4 century BC) is included. The tour continues to the small Revival-period town of Koprivshtitsa, where all its major points of interests will be covered with a 1.5-2 hr guided walking tour. 

Prices: from 55 euro per person; instant confirmation;


Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi and Tsarevets tour


Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi There is so much to see in the historic and scenic Veliko Tarnovo. When there, follow your guide and step back in the 13-14th century Bulgarian Kingdom to listen to the exciting stories of powerful kings and queens that ruled a kingdom that spanned between the Black, Aegean and Adriatic seas. We will have a comprehensive tour of medieval Tsarevets stronghold, stroll along Samovodska craftsmen street and spend the afternoon at the architectural reserve of Arbanassi and its impressive showcases of Revival-period ecclesial and civil architecture. 

Prices: from 55 euro per person; instant confirmation;


Tour to Koprivshtitsa


Koprivshtitsa Tour - History, amazing scenery, discovery, pastel-colored houses and delicious dishes - you will find them all in the small town of Koprivshtitsa. This was 19th century merchant and craftsmen town that was spared by the Ottomans and since then has preserved its rich authentic architecture and somehow its rhythm of life.  Though a tourist-adapted town, its tranquility is not spoiled by large tourists crowds. We will tour the museum-houses, but also "rub shoulders" with the locals and see how they live. There is no better way to get to the true heart of a country than through its people, right?

Prices: from 39 euro per person; Instant confirmation;

















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