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At SKI & BOARD TRAVENTURIA, we have a highly diverse group of talented individuals on our team. Most of us were raised in the area of Bansko as a passionate skiers and mountaineers.  What really counts is that we love what we do!  Skiing and snowboarding are not just a passion but a way of life and it shows! Whether you are looking for just the right ski boot, the perfect snowboard gear or an advice apres ski activities, our team is here for you!

I was born in Bansko and am very familiar with the area and the beauty of the Pirin mountains. I’m one of the youngest members of our team, but already have 10 years of experience in the tourism industry. I have been working for Ski & Board Traventuria since the shop first opened, back in December 2013. The most important thing for me is to make sure that every client gets to know the great pleasure of skiing in my hometown and goes home happy.
“A person is a person only while they travel”

MIRO Stanimir-Maznev
I grew up in Razlog and Bansko, where the mountains were much more than a pretty backdrop for me. Ever since I took my first ski lessons as a little child, I have never stopped exploring the endless possibilities of Pirin’s giant outdoor playground. Though I have graduated consequently masters in history and business administration, I fully enjoy the dynamic work in the tourism. I have already worked for several years in Traventuria’s ski shop in Bansko. Here I equally like servicing the skis and snowboards, where my sense of precision is needed and appreciated, and greeting the customers as local ambassador of Bansko and  the Pirin Mountains. I spend my after-work time with my family, reading books or listening to music.

I was born in Blagoevgrad. Ever since childhood I have had a love for sports, especially skiing. There is nothing better than spending an active day in the beautiful mountains. My love for skiing is what got me started at Ski & Board Traventuria and everyday off you can find me on the slopes. If you need advice an advice on which slopes to ski, look no further, I’m always happy to share my expertise. During the summer I like to travel to places I had never been before. I also enjoy soccer, swimming, tennis and many other sports.

I was born and raised in the town of Razlog – a town next to the resort of Bansko. From a very young age I have been skiing and hiking in the Pirin mountains, which for me is undoubtedly the most scenic Bulgarian mountain. I’m very outgoing and will not hesitate to joke around if I see someone come into our shop in a bad mood. It’s a great pleasure to work for Ski & Board Traventuria, as I equally enjoy meeting new people from around the world and at the same time to be so close to the tranquility of the mountain.

I’m a very passionate snowboarder. I love the mountains and the outdoor sports. In my free time I also like to travel to new destinations. Every job I do should be fully enjoyed – this is one of my core values in life. This is the reason I’m very keen on keeping the friendly atmosphere in our team and the good mood of the clients. I have rich experience in working with children and I’m always elated by their challenges.

Hello! I’m Dobs and I graduated International Tourism at the Economics University in Varna, Bulgaria. I spent many seasons in the Alps,the Pyrenees and in the Bulgarian mountains. A keen mountaineer,skier and snowboarder,I also love the nature. My hobby is now my profession,  furthermore it’s a way of living. I will be delighted to see you and to show you the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains.

I’m Zoe and I’m 26 years old. I was born in Samokov, a town only 10 km from the oldest Bulgarian ski resport – Borovets. I spent my childhood there and I fell in love with the mountains and the winter sports. For the past 6 years I’ve worked as a representative in Bulgarian winter and summer resorts – a job and dynimic life I trully adore. My profession is everything I have ever dreamed for. Thanks to Traventuria, Bansko is my winter home for the past 2 years. I will be happy to welcome you in Ski & Board Traventuria and help you discover the magic of the Pirin mountains and of the town of Bansko with its traditions and lovely places it sometime hides.